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Book Review: Sacred Holidays, by Becky Kiser

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Do you enter every holiday wanting it to be meaningful, only to find that it feels chaotic with no direction? We set New Year’s goals we can’t keep, struggle to love or be loved on Valentine’s Day, and find it hard to celebrate the risen Jesus when we are searching for the perfect Easter dress. Our summer and back-to-school seasons are whirlwinds, even as adults; we aren’t quite sure what to do with Halloween as Christians; and we feel less than grateful at Thanksgiving because it is sometimes full of complicated people. Even Christmas becomes a challenge, as celebrating Jesus gets lost behind twinkling lights and a mountain of gifts. Holidays are meant to be more than chaos with glimpses of grace; they are meant to draw us closer to God and one another. We want all the whimsy and joy the holidays held when we were children, before life crowded it out. We want the holidays to reflect our love for Jesus and reveal the grace that has been lavished on us, but life is so busy that setting a game plan just doesn’t happen. No more. It’s time to stop trying to survive the holidays or over indulge the whimsy, and instead live in the abundant life God called us to live.

Sacred Holidays is part book and part resource: meant to help you avoid what has tripped you up in the past and give you insights, tips, and tools to make your holidays less chaotic and more about loving Jesus and others.

Don’t let your holidays be marked by regret, whirlwinds, or survival mindset. Let’s celebrate every holiday together purposefully and worshipfully–loving Jesus and others well in every moment. – Taken from

My Review

In Sacred Holidays, Becky Kiser leads her readers to think intentionally about each major holiday (including birthdays and summer!). Her goal is to encourage thoughtful approaches to each holiday with the intent of making them set apart and holy to the Giver of all good gifts (James 1:17). Many of the practical ideas focus on serving and loving others, being in the Word, and being grateful. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to jump on board with those things?)

The book is set up in three parts. Part One addresses regrets and expectations we may have associated with holidays, and what led the author to be passionate about encouraging others to have less chaos and more Jesus in their holidays. Part Two has a chapter for each major holiday that discusses why we celebrate it, some practical things to make it more sacred, and a worksheet that gives the reader a chance to process past holidays and hopes for each one going forward. Part Three addresses common struggles associated with holidays, including budgets, relationship issues, expectations, and grief.

The book is designed to be a resource for many years for the reader. At any point in the year, you can grab it off the shelf and flip to an upcoming holiday to set your mind on how to make it sacred. This is just one of the many things I appreciate about this book.

One of the most important features of this book (if not the most important) is that Kiser does not distort the Word of God in order to make her points or lead her readers into some sort of holiday legalism. This is impressive given that the book itself is teeming with Scripture. But it is Scripture rightly handled. Her love for Jesus and His Word shines through and, along with wanting to think intentionally about each holiday after reading it, I honestly just wanted to read the Bible more. I think this speaks volumes to the trustworthiness and heart of the author.

Bottom line? If you are in any sort of position to influence how others feel about and experience holidays, this book is for you. You will be blessed by it and encouraged to live these special days with intentionality and, in doing so, you will be drawn closer to Jesus. And that’s what this book is really all about.

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You can visit Becky’s website at

Book Review_ Sacred Holidays, by Becky Kiser

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from B&H Publishing Group, and in turn agreed to write this non-biased review.  All opinions are mine. I would never recommend something on this blog that I would not recommend in real life to my besties.

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Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus

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