A Roundup of Articles Regarding New York State’s New Abortion Law (and what is on the horizon in VA and VT)

As I scrolled through social media yesterday, it became clear that something significant and newsworthy was happening in New York that had captured the public’s attention. New York’s governor signed a bill ensuring access to abortion in the state of New York should Roe v Wade be overturned. He then had the World Trade Center lit pink to celebrate. Meanwhile, in the shadow of One World Trade Center, 11 times the phrase, “unborn child” is listed among the victims of 9/11.

I began searching for pro-life responses to this new legislation; articles that were reliable and factually correct. Honestly, I wasn’t able to find many written by well-known evangelical leaders. (To their credit, many responded on social media.) What I was able to find I have included below, along with some other resources on the topic that I felt were important.

My goal with this post is not to bring shame or guilt to anyone who has had an abortion. Oh friend, if that is you, I pray that you know the Jesus who loves, forgives, and sets you free. I pray that you have a church family who supports you. If you need an extra measure of love and support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you and to pray for you. It would be our absolute honor.

My goal with this post is simply to round up articles that are reliable and speak to the state of abortion laws in our country at the moment, most notably the recent one in New York. If you have come across any others that you think would educate and edify the church on this topic, please do send them my way or link to them in the comments.

Let’s be truth, grace, and light as we speak to protect the vulnerable, to love those who have endured an abortion themselves, and to support and care for moms choosing adoption. And let’s pray for our nation, starting with our own hearts.

New York Shows Where the Fight Against Abortion is Headed, by Joe Carter on The Gospel Coalition

N.Y. abortion bill: ‘alarming in every sense’, by Tom Strode on Baptist Press

Healing From the Trauma of Abortion, by Kendra Dahl on The Gospel Coalition (not specifically about the NY law, but a wonderful piece on the trauma and healing from abortion.)

When People Cheer Abortion, by Russell Moore on Crosswalk


Vt. legislators to hear bill on right to abortion – Vermont is also introducing a bill that will preserve abortion access should Roe v Wade be overturned. This is a news article that states, “The bill proposes that the right of an individual to terminate a pregnancy should not be restricted; a health care provider who performs or assists with a legal abortion won’t be subject to liability or penalty; and any law that tries to prevent or restrict someone from asserting her right to have an abortion will be void.”, effectively making it a “no restriction bill”. I am linking to the draft bill as proposed below.

VT Bill As Introduced


Virginia is also putting forth legislation to support late-term abortions. This bill would allow abortions even after the woman is dilated and in active labor. You can listen at the link below.

VA Democrat Discusses Her Bill

Virginia delegate receives national attention for introducing bill to loosen restrictions on late-term abortion

Additional Resources

American Association of Pro-Life OBGYNs

Focus on the Family has a section full of resources offering education and exhortation to the church on the pro-life movement. It’s worth checking out.

What can you do?

~Engage the issue with grace, knowing that many around us have gone through an abortion and they may not ever share that with you. There is a way to speak Grace and Truth. We have Jesus as our model.

~Donate to or volunteer at a local pregnancy resource clinic.

~Consider Foster Care and/or Adoption. If you are unable to foster or adopt in the season of life that you are in, support those in your church and life who are. Send meals, financial help, and babysitting.

~Pray. Trust that God is still on the Throne.

nystate abortion law

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