Sarah and Courtney are one-time college roommates who married twin brothers and became lifelong family. After six years of living several states apart, they now are fortunate to live just 40 minutes away from each other, and are enjoying coffee dates and raising their kids together. Sarah has been doing hand lettering for about a year, and Courtney wanted to start writing again, but couldn’t find prompts that fit. While awake with her infant at 3am one morning, Courtney was perusing Sarah’s Instagram and thought, “I could write about these quotes.”  As it turned out, Sarah also had the idea to start a blog together, and so The Letter Seed Blog was born! Their desire for this blog is to grow in their own creativity, encourage and equip others to grow in theirs, and to “plant seed by taking God’s word to others”.

View More: http://kayleighgossettphotography.pass.us/boulware

Courtney lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and enjoys library book sales, reading, college football, binge-watching The Office and Seinfeld, and anything chocolate. She also pretends to enjoy working out (yay fitness!).


Sarah lives in Ohio with her husband and three children and enjoys slow mornings, coffee, reading, exercising (but only the basement where no one can see), and baking.  She is also a middle school language arts teacher in a small, rural school district.

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