Praying Scripture in Seasons of Worry

I don't want to brag or anything, but I am an Enneagram 6, which basically means that I'm prone to a great deal of anxiety when I am tending toward unhealth. Well, that's how I read it anyway. My friends tell me it means that I am loyal and capable, which is why you should… Continue reading Praying Scripture in Seasons of Worry


Praying Scripture through Seasons of Change

Happy October, friends! It’s only October 4th but I have already made four loaves of pumpkin bread (with chocolate chips, obvs) since the first official day of Fall. I love Autumn. I do not love what comes after - 5-6 months of that nonsense season called winter. But for now, I am trying to stay… Continue reading Praying Scripture through Seasons of Change


Praying Scripture for Difficult People

Hi friends! This month is part three of our praying Scripture series! I have been sitting with the idea of compiling Scriptures and prayers to pray for the difficult people in our lives for well over a month now. We all have people who rub us the wrong way, whose Enneagram number doesn’t jive with… Continue reading Praying Scripture for Difficult People


Praising God Through Praying Scripture

Happy Wednesday! We are continuing our series on praying scripture today. If you missed last month’s, you can find it here. We will post a new edition of the Praying Scripture series during the first week of every month. This week, we are looking at praising God through praying scripture. More often than I’d like… Continue reading Praising God Through Praying Scripture


Praying Scripture When You Feel Weary

Have you ever heard someone say that praying scripture transformed their prayer life? For years, I periodically heard this but it wasn’t until two or three years ago that I decided to give it a try. My prayer life was struggling and I came across something in which Tim Keller suggested that praying the Psalms… Continue reading Praying Scripture When You Feel Weary